Sub-bass you will remember.

Using a dual chamber cabinet, the WLA-218SUB delivers huge bass in a versatile configuration.


2 x 18” Wharfedale Pro LF transducers with massive 4” voice coils produce up to 138dB SPL – while their cast frame aluminium baskets reduce any risk of mechanical distortion.


The WLA-218SUB cabinet is constructed of 18mm birch plywood and all internal bracing is designed to avoid vibration or physical shape distortion during prolonged high volume use.

This massive subwoofer is designed for ground placement.



Key Features

  • 1600W RMS / 3200W Programme / 6400w Peak
  • 138dB Max SPL
  • 2 custom 18″ LF drivers
  • Dual chamber
  • Parallel and Discrete modes
  • 4″ voice coils
  • 4Ω impedance
  • Proprietary enhanced Rhino Rock paint for a chip resistant finish


Dual chamber, dual 18″
The two 18” Wharfedale Pro LF transducers with massive 4” voice coils work together to deliver up to 138dB Max SPL.Using cast frame aluminium baskets, any mechanical distortion is dramatically reduced ensuring smooth, accurate and honest reproduction.

Parallel and Discrete
Run the WLA-218SUB in Parallel or Discrete mode.In Parallel mode both drivers are connected in parallel, resulting in a 4Ω subwoofer.In Discrete mode both drivers operate individually and can respond to separate source material. In this configuration each driver is 8Ω

Huge voice coils
The 4″ voice coils ensures massive power handling.The WLA-218SUB can handle peaks of up to 6400w and programme material averaging 3200w.These custom Wharfedale Pro drivers are efficient and powerful – delivering the sub-bass punch needed for larger gigs and impressive installations.

Strong internal bracing
With so much potential air movement, the cabinet of a subwoofer this size must also be incredibly robust – both externally and internally.The internal bracing of the WLA-218SUB has been carefully designed to avoid any vibrations or shape distortions during high volume use.The dual chambers allow each driver to work efficiently within their own space – reducing internal interference from each other.Using 18mm plywood the robust cabinet is ready for whatever the bottom-end needs.


Model Name WLA-218SUB
Configuration Dual chamber 2 x 18″ Subwoofer
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 30Hz – 1.5kHz
Frequency Range (-10dB) 30Hz – 1.5kHz
Sensitivity (2.83w/1m) 100dB
Calculated Max SPL @1m 138dB
System rated impedance Parallel 4Ω, Discrete 8Ω x 2
LF Transducer
Size 2 x 470mm / 18″
Voice coil size 4″
Magnet material Ferrite
Frame material Aluminium
Rated impedance 2 x 8Ω
LF Power (re:AES2-2012) 2 x 800w
System Continuous power 1600w Parallel / 800w Discrete
System Programme power 3200w Parallel / 1600w Discrete
System Peak power 6400w Parallel / 3200w Discrete
Input connector 2 x speakON compatible
Rigging No
Pole mount No
Handles 4 on sides
Cabinet type Square
Material 18mm plywood
Colour options Black paint
Grille material Steel
Dimensions – unpacked
Width 541mm / 21.3″
Depth 1041mm / 41″
Height 650mm / 25.6″
Dimensions – packed
Width 626mm / 25.6″
Depth 1126mm / 44.3″
Height 722mm / 28.4″
Net weight 78.9kg / 173.5lbs
Gross weight 86kg / 189.6lbs