Bigger Bass is….Better

Since the launch of the WLA-28 line array, people have been expanding their systems into monster-sized rigs. As these rigs have expanded, the demand for even more bass has also increased.

The new WLA-28SUB now delivers that enormous bass for larger WLA systems – all in a physical enclosure that fits perfectly with flown or ground stacked WLA-28 systems.

With DUAL 15” Wharfedale Pro drivers boasting 4” voice coils, the WLA-28SUB is capable of 145dB and handles peaks of up to 4800w.



Key Features

  • 1200W RMS / 2400W Programme / 4800w Peak
  • 145dB Max SPL
  • 2 custom 15″ LF drivers
  • Designed to fly or stack with WLA-28
  • 4″ voice coils
  • 4Ω impedance
  • Proprietary enhanced Rhino Rock paint for a chip resistant finish
  • Dedicated WLA-28SUB Fly Frame available

Ground stack or fly
Using the optional WLA-28SUB fly frame gives system versatility.Fly the WLA-28SUB at the top of the array along with up to 12 units of WLA-28 with a safety factor of 12.Alternatively, ground stack using the WLA-28SUB Fly Frame

Dual 15″ LF transducers
The dual 15″ LF transducers are mounted inside the cabinet in such a way to maximise the low frequencies while keeping the physical cabinet dimensions to a minimum.

Huge voice coils
The 4″ voice coils ensures massive power handling.The WLA-28SUB can handle peaks of up to 4800w and programme material averaging 2400w.These custom Wharfedale Pro 15″ drivers are efficient and powerful – delivering the sub-bass punch needed for larger gigs and impressive installations.

Strong internal bracing
With so much potential air movement, the cabinet of a subwoofer this size must also be incredibly robust – both externally and internally.The internal bracing of the WLA-28SUB has been carefully designed to avoid any vibrations or shape distortions during high volume use.Using 18mm plywood the robust cabinet is ready for whatever the bottom-end needs.


Model Name WLA-28SUB
Configuration Dual 15″ Subwoofer
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 39Hz – 900Hz
Frequency Range (-10dB) 39Hz – 1.5kHz
Sensitivity (2.83w/1m) 108dB
Calculated Max SPL @1m 145dB
System rated impedance
LF Transducer
Size 381mm / 15″ x 2
Voice coil size 100mm / 4.0″
Magnet material Ferrite
Frame material Aluminium
Rated impedance 2 x 8Ω
LF Power (re:AES2-2012) 2 x 600w
System Continuous power 1600w
System Programme power 2400w
System Peak power 4800w
Input connector 2 x speakON compatible
Rigging Integral, non-adjustable
Pole Mount No
Handles 2
Cabinet type Square
Material 15mm / 18mm plywood
Colour options Black rhino rock paint
Grille material Steel
Dimensions – unpacked
Width 760mm / 29.9″
Depth 716mm / 28.2″
Height 485mm / 19.1″
Dimensions – packed
Width 850mm / 33.5″
Depth 806mm / 31.7″
Height 575mm / 22.6″
Net weight 61.2kg / 134.6lbs
Gross weight 66kg / 145.2lbs