Compact power with sonic detail.

For the low-end punch in a WLA-25 rig, we have also created the 141dB SPL WLA-25SUB subwoofer.

This subwoofer physically and acoustically matches the WLA-25 system.

Using a reversed-phase horn loaded design, the 2 * 10” LF drivers with massive 2.5” coils deliver the consistent low end punch to complete this versatile and portable array.



Key Features


  • 2 * 10″ Wharfedale Pro LF drivers
  • 2.5″ voice coils
  • 700w RMS / 1400w Program / 2800w Peak
  • 4Ω Impedance
  • 141dB Max SPL
  • Available in black or white road ready Rhino rock finish

Dual 10″ Wharfedale Pro LF transducers
The two 10″ LF drivers inside the WLA-25SUB deliver the low end punch needed from the array.Using a reversed-phase horn loaded design the two drivers work in harmony to produce up to 141dB Max SPL.Each driver is custom made by Wharfedale Pro and boasts 2.5″ voice coils. These larger coils help with cooling and ultimately allow for the higher power handling that the WLA-25SUB can deliver.
Flexible Fly Frame
Arrays can be assembled using only WLA-25 line array modules or with WLA-25SUB Subwoofers at the top of the array.The WLA-25SUB Fly Frame allows for a WLA-25SUB subwoofer to be used at the top of the array. The WLA-25SUB Fly Frame supports up to 12 x WLA-25 modules and 1 x WLA-25SUB with a safety factor of 12.For WLA-25 arrays where a subwoofer is used on the floor, WLA-25 components can be flown using the WLA-25 Fly Frame.
Ready for Ground Stacking
WLA-25 rigging doubles up as an optimized ground stacking system, using the WLA-25SUB subwoofer as a base.Arrays of WLA-25 line array elements can be aimed downwards by as much as 10° to cover audience areas close to a stage, as well as upward by as much as 10° in order to better cover distant balcony seating areas.

For maximum control of such a system, the Versadrive series of Digital Matrix Controllers deliver dynamic effects processing which ensures the right frequencies are sent to the different components within the line array.A huge selection of effects are at your fingertips.

On the input side a Versadrive includes Gain, Mute, Link, High-pass filter, Low-pass filter, Noise Gate, 8-band parametric EQ, 31 band graphic EQ, Phase and Delay.

For the output section, make your setup using any combination of Crossover, 5-band parametric EQ, Gain, Mute, Compressor / Limiter, Phase, Delay and Linking.


Model Name WLA-25SUB
System Type Passive
Configuration Subwoofer
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 56Hz-1.5kHz
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 56Hz-2.0kHz
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m) 107dB
Calculated Maximum SPL @1m 141dB
System Rated Impedance
LF Transducers
Size 2 * 254mm / 10”
Voice-Coil Size 65.5mm / 2.5”
Rated Impedance
LF Power (re:AES2-2012) 2 * 350w
System Continuous Power 700w
System Programme Power 1400w
System Peak Power 2800w
Input Connector 2 x speakON compatible
Integral side plate adjustable rigging 0°-10°
Enclosure material 15mm,18mm Plywood
Finish Rhino Black or white paint
Grille material Steel
Dimensions – unpacked
Height 536mm / 21.10″
Width 400mm / 15.7″
Depth 550mm / 21.7″
Dimensions – packed
Height 610mm / 24″
Width 470mm / 18.5″
Depth 596mm / 23.5″
Net Weight 37kg / 81.57lbs
Gross Weight 39.5kg / 87.08lbs