WLA-210 features dual 10″ custom made Wharfedale Pro LF drivers along with a 3″ Neodymium compression driver.

The LF drivers boast 3” voice coils which ensures high power handling and smooth sonic characteristics.  With sensitivity in excess of 111dB, the WLA-210 can deliver 130dB Max SPL @1m.
Internally, an exclusively designed mid-frequency phase plug has been installed in front of the LF driver. This reduces the interference caused by mid- frequency comb filtering and optimises the mid-frequency directivity.
The trapezoidal design and internal mounting hardware allows for 8 different adjustable angles to ensure smooth and consistent audio coverage in a variety of venues.


Key Features

  • 2 x 10″ LF drivers
  • 3″ Neodymium HF compression driver
  • 130dB Max SPL
  • Birch plywood construction
  • Integral, side plate adjustable rigging system
  • 90° x 10° dispersion
  • 160w programme HF
  • 1600w programme LF
  • 16Ω impedance
  • For medium and large mobile events

Custom Wharfedale Pro LF drivers
The two 10″ low frequency drivers are designed and made exclusively in house by Wharfedale Pro.With large, 3″ voice coils the power handling is impressive.These LF drivers use advanced neodymium magnets for maximum efficiency and overall power handling but with the advantage of being light in weight.The LF drivers each handle 400w Continuous resulting in a total LF power of 800w Continuous.

HF Compression driver
The centrally mounted HF compression driver is also a Wharfedale Pro custom made component.Using a neodymium magnet, the compression driver is efficient and also light weight. The 3″ voice coil allows for high power handling and improved cooling.The HF compression driver and a plane wave converter is combined with a 90° x 10° (H*V) exponential horn to produce a consistent wavefront.The 111dB sensitivity of HF driver enables the WLA-210 to produce a peak sound pressure output up to 130dB @1 meter.

Birch plywood construction
The cabinet of the WLA-210 is constructed of 15mm / 18mm robust birch plywood.This material brings mechanical strength to the cabinet and reduces physical distortion at high sound pressure levels.

3-way Versadrive presets
To help you setup a WLA-210 system quickly and accurately, there is a preset template file for the SC-36 Versadrive Matrix Controller.This can be freely downloaded from the downloads section of this webpage and can be installed into the Wharfedale Pro SC-36.


Model Name WLA-210
System type Passive
Configuration 3-way (2 x 10″ + HF compression driver)
Frequency response (+3dB) 70-16kHz
Frequency range (-10dB) 60-18kHz
Sensitivity 2.83v/1m HF:111dB / LF:100dB
Calculated Max SPL @1m HF:130dB / LF:129dB
System rated impedance 16Ω
LF Transducer
Size (mm / inches) 260mm / 10″
Voice coil size (mm / inches) 75.5mm / 3″
LF Magnet material NdFeB
LF Frame material Aluminium
Rated impedance
LF Power re:AES2-2012 400w
HF Transducer
HF Driver type Compression driver
Coil size (mm / inches) 75mm / 3″
Exit size (mm / inches) 1.4″
HF Magnet material NdFeB
Diaphragm material Titanium
Rated impedance 16Ω
HF Power re:AES2-2012 80w
Waveguide type Square
Nominal coverage (H x V) 90° x 10°
Nominal impedance 16Ω
System continuous power HF:80w / LF:800w
System programme power HF:160w / LF:1600w
System peak power HF:320w / LF:3200w
Crossover frequency 1.2kHz
Input connections 2 x speakON
Rigging 3 points
Pole mount No
Handles 2
Cabinet type Trapezoid
Enclosure material and finish 15mm / 18mm birch plywood
Colour options Black paint
Grille material Steel
Dimensions Unpacked
Height 303mm
Width front 730mm
Width rear 700mm
Depth 509mm
Dimensions Packed
Height 780mm
Width front 380mm
Width rear 380mm
Depth 570mm
Net weight 32kg
Gross weight 35kg