The new WH-NEO series consists of 3 models (10”, 12” and 15”) and have been designed for installations where weight, dispersion angles and consistent SPL are essential.

Using neodymium magnets in both the HF compression driver and the LF transducer, the WH-NEO’s are comparatively lightweight and easy for the installer to handle. The LF uses a cast aluminium basket to strike a perfect balance between weight and rigidity. The titanium HF compression driver has increased radius and increased sensitivity (IRIS) and uses the rear aluminium plate to improve heat dissipation during prolonged periods of high power.
The 12” and 15” models also feature massive 3” LF voice coils. Once again this improves heat dissipation and increases power handling.
Coverage angles are different to other installation models in the Wharfedale Pro lineup.  With a 70° x 70° rounded waveguide, the dispersion characteristic of the WH-NEO is smooth and consistent. This consistency of coverage makes an installation more predictable for the installer and system integrator.
All models feature 19 x M8 rigging points which allow for accurate positioning and superb versatility within the venue.  With the rotatable front Wharfedale Pro logo, the WH-NEO’s will look great too.


Key Features


  • Lightweight and high powered Neodymium HF and LF drivers
  • Custom 3″ LF voice coil
  • 500w Continuous, 1000w Program, 2000w Peak power handling
  • 15mm plywood construction
  • 19 x M8 rigging points
  • Full steel grille
  • Rotateable front grill logo


To allow the WH-Neo to fit into any environment, the front badge logo can be rotated.This means that the WH-Neo can be mounted vertically or horizontally without compromising the appearance.

The cabinet of WH-Neo is constructed of 15mm plywood.This solid material gives strength and stability to the cabinet and reduces mechanical distortion, even at high sound pressure levels.

The Neo HF compression driver is supported by a smooth 70° x 70° rounded waveguide.This HF dispersion leads to a predictable HF response, allowing for multi-speaker installations to be planned, without any surprises!

The custom LF drivers inside the WH-Neo use neodymium as a magnet material. This improves efficiency and reduces overall weight.Another critical element is the size of the voice coil and NH-Neo boasts some of the largest voice coils in their category.WH-10Neo has a 2.5″ voice coil while the rest of the lineup (WH-12Neo and WH-15Neo) feature 3″ voice coils.These larger than usual voice coils allow for the WH models to handle high power situations easily.

Carefully tuned rear ports allow the WH-Neo to deliver smooth mid-low frequencies that can usually only be heard from loudspeakers with a larger cabinet size.When positioned either near a wall or in a corner of a room, these ports help to enhance the lower frequencies, even at low volume.


Model Name WH-15Neo
System Type 2-way passive
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 50-18kHz
Frequency Range (- 10 dB) 45-20kHz
Sensitivity 2.83v/1m 99dB
Calculated Maximum SPL @1m 132dB
System Rated Impedance
LF Transducer
Size (mm / inches) 381mm / 15”
Voice-Coil Size (mm / inches) 75mm / 3.0”
Magnet Material NdFeB
Power re:AES2-2012 500w
HF Transducer
Driver type 1″ Compression Driver
Coil Size (mm / inches) 44mm / 1.75”
Magnet Material NdFeB
Diaphragm Material Titanium
Waveguide Type Rounded
Nominal Coverage (H x V) 70° x 70°
System Continuous Power 500w
System Program Power 1000w
System Peak Power 2000w
Crossover frequency 2.5kHz
Connectors 2 * NL4 (speakON compatible)
Rigging M8 * 19
Pole mount 35mm pole socket
Handles No
Cabinet type Trapezoid
Enclosure Material and finish 15mm plywood / Black paint
Grille Material & Finish Steel
Dimensions – Unpacked
Height 680mm / 26.8″
Width Front 430mm / 16.9″
Width Rear 298mm / 11.7″
Depth 463mm / 18.2″
Dimensions – Packed
Height 760mm / 29.9″
Width Front / Rear 506mm /19.9″
Depth 526mm /20.7″
Weight – Net 23.7kg / 52.1lbs
Weight – Gross 27.6kg / 60.7lbs