Titan 12Z

Titan 12Z


TITAN 12Z  – Our highest power handling passive 12″ TITAN – ever!

Titans are used around the world in almost every type of pro audio application immaginable.  The design and versatility has made Titan a favourite for installers and performers but…. we all like MORE POWER!
Do not be deceived by familiar looks.  The new Titan 12Z may appear cosmetically to be the same as our Titan X12  – but, it is what is inside that matters.
Titan 12Z features extreme power handling transducers with high electrical sensitivity.  This results in unimaginable power handling  specifications and remarkable SPL.  Custom built Wharfedale Pro drivers are what makes this possible.
The Titan 12Z features a category leading 3” LF voice coil and our acclaimed IRIS X compression driver with its 1.75” voice coil.


Key Features

  • 500w RMS / 1000w Program / 2000w Peak
  • 132dB Max SPL
  • 50Hz – 20kHz frequency response
  • Titanium HF Driver honed acoustically for high-frequency detail and power
  • 12″ LF Driver rejects moisture for resistance in all environments
  • Proprietary 100° x 80° Hybrid Symmetry Horn design
  • Tough, yet lightweight Dynamic Polypropylene cabinet with rubber padded handles
  • 10 x M8 rigging points and integral tripod stand adapter
  • Rugged protective grille and top-stacking receptacles
  • Trapezoid design for arrays as well as stage monitor applications
  • Titan Tourbags available
  • Category leading 3″ LF voice coil


Huge LF voice coils

The Titan 12Z features a massive 3″ LF voice coil.This efficient voice coil helps to deliver the massive 132dB Max SPL that the 12Z can supply.Custom made in-house by Wharfedale Pro, this LF component also uses a rigid steel basket to ensure smooth delivery of mids and lows with minimal mechanical distortion.


Familiar Design
The Titan 12Z uses the same proven cabinet design as the Titan X12.Using an organically shaped, internal laminar flow rib pattern polypropylene cabinet means that not only does it produce a strong and acoustically sound loudspeaker, the speaker is also extremely portable. This lends itself to applications such as for mobile DJs, bands and public address.The trapezoidal design also allows for the 12Z to be placed on the floor and used as a wedge monitor.The Titan 12Z also has multiple mounting options. With 10 x M8 threads and an integral 35mm pole socket, its easy to install the Titan 12Z into any environment.

IRIS X compression driver technologies

The coil size and electrical sensitivity of a loudspeaker transducer is critical to its performance.  Titan Z loudspeakers now include our proprietary IRIS X design which delivers Increased coil Radius and Increased electrical Sensitivity.  The radius of the coil ensures smooth heat dissipation during prolonged high volume use, while the increased electrical sensitivity ensures that the transducer converts as much electrical power into sound output as the laws of physics allow.

A hot transducer wastes energy, risks damage and distorts.  IRIS X reduces this through improved heat dissipation and improved efficiency.

In real-world terms, IRIS X transducers deliver higher SPL with less distortion.

They lead the market with specifications and are designed and built entirely within Wharfedale Pro.

Increased Radius Increased Sensitivity

Moisture resistant LF materials
Indoor and Outdoor InstallationAlthough the product weight and rubberised handles are perfect for the mobile musician, this technology also lends itself to installations where weight is an issue, not to mention that the polypropylene material and moisture proof woofers can withstand outdoor conditions.Additional protection can be found with the Titan Tourbags, custom made speaker bags with an unzippable front panel meaning your Wharfedale Pro loudspeaker is always protected.


Model Name TITAN 12Z
System Type Passive
Configuration Two-way 12″
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 55Hz-20kHz
Frequency Range (-10dB) 50Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m) 99dB
System Rated Impedance
Calculated Maximum SPL @1m 132dB
Low Frequency Transducer
Size 305mm / 12″
Voice coil size 75mm / 3.0″
Rated Impedance
LF Power (re:AES-2012) 500w
HF Transducer
HF Driver Type IRIS X Compression driver
Voice coil size 44mm / 1.75″
Exit size 25mm / 1″
Diaphragm Material Titanium
Rated Impedance
HF Power (re:AES2-2012) 40w
Nominal Coverage (H x V) Hybrid Symmetry Horn 100° x 80°
Nominal Impedance
System Continuous Power 500w
System Programme Power 1000w
System Peak Power 2000w
Crossover Frequency 2.1kHz
Hardware 10 x M8 threaded inserts, 35mm pole socket
2 x speakON compatible
2 carry handles (one on each side)
Enclosure Material and finish Injection moulded polypropylene
Colour Options Black / white
Grille Material & Finish Steel
Dimensions – Unpacked
Height 582.7mm / 22.9″
Width front 384.6mm / 15.1″
Width rear 384.6mm / 15.1″
Depth 318.6mm / 12.5″
Dimensions – Packed
Height 663mm / 26.1″
Width front 435mm / 17.1″
Width rear 435mm / 17.1″
Depth 408mm / 16.1″
Net weight 15.7kg / 34.5lbs
Gross weight 18.8kg / 41.2lbs