PMX 700 System

PMX 700 System

PMX 700 System

The Wharfedale Pro PMX 700 System provides you with everything you need to get up and running for a public performance. 

PMX 700 Sytem is based around the PMX 700 powered mixer and produces a cost effective, high quality solution that is ultra portable and suitable for both beginners and professionals alike.
This System package comprises of a PMX 700 powered mixer, a pair of 2-way PTX-12 loudspeakers, a DM1.0 dynamic microphone and all the necessary cables to connect it all together.
Set up has been designed to be simple even for absolute beginners, a basic vocal PA can be created in a matter of minutes even if you have no professional audio experience. Adding more equipment is simple and ensures that a PMX System can grow with your needs.


Key Features

  • 1 * PMX 700 powered mixer
  • 2 * Wharfedale Pro PTX-12 2-way loudspeakers
  • 1 * Wharfedale Pro DM1.0 dynamic microphone
  • 1 * 4.5m microphone cable
  • 2 * speaker cables
  • 1000w peak


The Loudspeakers

The PMX 700 System includes 2 * Wharfedale Pro PTX-12 passive loudspeakers. 

These 12″ speakers are constructed from MDF and are covered in hard-wearing carpet.

Sonically they deliver warm but clear tones.  They are perfect for speech and vocal work as well as for playing backing tracks.

The lightweight and portable design also allows for easy transportation.








Model PMX 700 System
Powered mixer PMX 700
Output 150w @ 4Ω * 2
Passive loudspeakers Model PTX-12
Quantity 2
Nominal coverage 90° * 60°
Power handling 250w / 500w / 1000w peak
Nominal impedance
LF Driver size 305mm / 12″
HF Material Phenolic
AC Power 100-120v~/220-240v~, 50-60Hz
Product dimensions (H * W * D) mm 525 * 370.7/207.3 * 305
Microphone Model DM1.0
Type Dynamic
Magnet material Neodymium
Polar pattern Cardioid
Connector 3-pin gold plated balanced male XLR
Carton dimension (H * W * D) mm 779 * 355 * 907
Net weight 33.5kg / 73.7lbs
Gross weight 39.5kg / 86.9lbs