For over 13 years the Wharfedale Pro MP2800 has been used by customers around the world who stretch it to its limits.

Pushed to the limits of extreme heat, poor ventilation, shocking vibration and surviving in incredible levels of dust, and irregular AC conditions, MP2800 has proved itself as truly reliable.

Its massive toroidal transformer fills over a third of the internal casing and ensures smooth power stability in almost any AC situation.
It may not be the prettiest, it may not be the lightest, it may not be the most technologically advanced but, like a favourite hammer, its a tool to rely on.


Key Features

  • Not pretty : Built for function
  • Not technologically advanced : East to repair
  • Not light : Contains MASSIVE toroidal transformer
  • Built like a tank
  • Extremely reliable
  • Able to function in extreme AC power conditions
  • Huge variable speed fans
  • speakON and binging post output connectors

Huge toroidal transformer
Over 1/3rd of the internal chassis is taken up with a massive toroidal transformer.This gives MP2800 the power supply stability to function in the most extreme AC conditions.

Built to last
The steel casing and sturdy construction are only the beginning.Internally the MP2800 uses extremely reliable components and comparatively simple Class H circuitry.This means that should something happen, MP2800 is simple to repair.

Around the back
Around the back, its simple!3 speakON outputs and 2 x 5-way binding posts give you reliable connections to the loudspeakers.Inputs are available on balanced XLR’s and on 6.3mm jacks which gives connection flexibility.The rear panel also hosts the Bridge / Stereo mode switch allowing for MP2800 to be used in a variety of configurations.


Model name MP2800
Stereo 2Ω 1500w x 2
Stereo 4Ω 1400w x 2
Stereo 8Ω 800w x 2
Bridged mono mode
Mono 8Ω 2800w
Mono 4Ω 3000w
Inputs XLR x 2
6.3mm jack x 2
Outputs 5-way binding posts
3 x speakON
Topology Class H
Controls AC Switch
Ch1 & Ch2 gain knobs
Stereo / Bridge mode switch
Dimensions 133mm x 483mm x 335mm
Net weight 28.0kg
Gross weight 29.5kg