Isoline Tourbags

Isoline Tourbags

Isoline Tourbags

Isoline active column speaker systems are the latest in portable PA solutions from Wharfedale Pro. Completely active, without the need for amplifiers, and utilising the latest column, slimline formation they’re perfect for when space is tight, and are easily transported from venue to venue.

The Isoline-410 and Isoline-812 are coated in the latest generation of Wharfedale Pro’s proprietary Rhino Rock paint, which is scratch and chip resistant.

For those on the road frequently with Isoline, we reccomend you purchase the Isoline Tourbags for added protection. Both the Isoline 812 Tourbag and Isoline 410 Tourbag packages feature a hard-wearing durable Nylon fabric and 7mm internal padding to protect your PA system while on the road. The Isoline Tourbags feature carry-handle holes and elasticated edges for safe and secure transportation. Conveniently a carry-pouch on the rear of the subwoofer is great for accessory storage too.



Key Features

  • Speaker Bags / Covers for full Isoline Series
  • Suitable for Isoline-410 and Isoline-812
  • Supplied in sets (satellite and subwoofer bag together)
  • Durable nylon padded material
  • Velcro secured carry handles (satellites)
  • Carry pouch (subwoofers)
  • Perfect for touring musicians


Road Ready
Isoline tourbags are an essential investment for those gigging, touring or using for events where the system needs to be safely stored and packed away. Isoline Tourbags feature velcro secured handles, a rear storage pouch (subwoofers) and are made with 7mm padded nylon material to add extra safety.


Available Models Isoline-410 Tourbag package
Isoline-812 Tourbag package
Package Includes 1 x Column speaker tourbag
1 x Subwoofer tourbag
Isoline-812 Tourbag Dimensions Satellite: 125 x 145 x 500mm
Sub: 360 x 410 x 510mm
Isoline-410 Tourbag Dimensions Satellite: 125 x 145 x 815mm
Sub: 410 x 460 x 551mm
Material 7mm padded nylon