Powered and ready for the road! 

DVP-AX is a comprehensive lineup of versatile and road-ready active loudspeakers. Class D amplification housed in ultra hard wearing cabinets make DVP-AX a perfect choice for hardworking DJ’s and musicians on the road.

DVP-AX12 features advanced DSP processing with 6 presets tailored to overcome many real-life sonic challenges.  DVP-AX12 also features a practical 2-channel mic/line mixer to make life alot easier on-stage.



Key Features

  • 12″ Active 2-way
  • MDF construction
  • IRIS X Compression driver
  • Bi-amplified with 2 Class D amps
  • 200w RMS
  • 90° x 60° dispersion
  • 129dB Max SPL @1m
  • 6 position internal DSP
  • 2 channel mic/line mixer
  • Custom dual layer LF driver

Around the back
DVP-AX12 features advanced DSP signal processing with 6 presets.These presets allow for the sound of the DVP to be tuned to the acoustic environment.The 6 presetsFLAT | MONITOR | SPEECH | BASS | PUNCH | LIVEcover most acoustic situations and environments.The rear panel also contains the 2-channel mic/line mixer. Inputs are available on XLR or 1/4″ jack connections with mic/line switching on Channel 1.In addition, the rear panel also contains the balanced XLR link output. This makes it easy to daisy-chain to another DVP-AX model or alternative powered speaker.

Class D amplification
DVP-AX12 is bi-amplified using 2 Class D amps.These ’light in weight’ amplifiers have been tuned to deliver perfectly matched power for the IRIS X HF Compression driver and the dual layer LF driver.All DVP-AX models also use convection cooling. This means that there are no fans to clean out and no background mechanical noise.


Double roll Surround
DVP-AX12 loudspeakers use the latest in Wharfedale Pro driver technology: For the LF driver, engineers have incorporated a curvilinear, double-roll surround for smooth mid-high transitions and stability for low through to mid range frequencies. Combined with 2.5” voice coils for improved thermal dissipation, you can expect consistent delivery at the highest of volumes throughout a performance.The 44mm IRIS X Diaphragm HF compression driver used on the AX12 is equally robust in design – using a solid aluminum rear plate, the HF driver is strengthened for durability and heat is dissipated efficiently during prolonged time periods. Wharfedale Pro engineers have also selected a 90° x 60° elliptical waveguide optimised for wide coverage in multiple venues while touring.

Acoustically matched cabinet
The cabinet of the DVP-AX12 has been developed to work in perfect harmony with the advanced drive units within. Special attention has been paid to the acoustic properties of the port and port mouth to ensure a huge bass output with detail and minimised distortion.DVP-AX12 is coated in the latest generation chip-resistant, Rhino Rock paint.

IRIS X HF Compression driver

The coil size and electrical sensitivity of a loudspeaker transducer is critical to its performance.  DVP-AX loudspeakers now include our proprietary IRIS X design which delivers Increased coil Radius and Increased electrical Sensitivity.  The radius of the coil ensures smooth heat dissipation during prolonged high volume use, while the increased electrical sensitivity ensures that the transducer converts as much electrical power into sound output as the laws of physics allow.

A hot transducer wastes energy, risks damage and distorts.  IRIS X reduces this through improved heat dissipation and improved efficiency.

In real-world terms, IRIS X transducers deliver higher SPL with less distortion.  They lead the market with specifications and are designed and built entirely within Wharfedale Pro.

Increased Radius Increased Sensitivity


Model Name DVP-AX12
System type Active 12″ 2-way
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 60Hz-18kHz
Frequency Range (-10dB) 55Hz-20kHz
Max SPL @ 1m 129dB
Sensitivity @1w / 1m 98dB
LF Transducer
Size 305mm / 12″
LF voice coil size Dual layer 2.5″
HF Transducer
Type Compression driver
HF coil size 44mm / 1.75″
HF exit size 25mm / 1″
HF Diaphragm material Titanium
Nominal coverage 90° x 60°
LF Power Amplifier -Class D, RMS/Peak Watts 150w / 300w
HF Power Amplifier -Class D, RMS/Peak Watts 50w / 100w
Amplifier Protection. Power On, Thermal, low voltage Yes
Driver Protection, DC, Short, Clip limiter, clip indicator Yes
Limiter indicator Red LED
Power indicator Green LED (Red LED front)
Input sensitivity : Balanced 775mv
Max input level 4v
Input connectors 2*XLR & 2*1/4″ (Line/MIC)
Input impedance Balanced : 20k
Line output connector XLR
220-240V 50/60Hz
100-120V 50/60Hz
Pole socket Dual-angle (0° or -10°) 35mm socket
Handles 2 (one on each side)
Enclosure material MDF / Black paint
Grille material Steel
Dimensions unpacked
Height 617mm / 24.3″
Width 361.2mm / 14.2″
Width (rear) 207.6mm / 8.2″
Depth 342.4mm / 13.5″
Dimensions packed
Height 680mm / 26.8″
Width 438mm / 17.3″
Width (rear) 236mm / 9.3″
Depth 428mm / 16.9″
Net weight 18.7kg / 41.1lbs
Gross weight 21.4kg / 47.1lbs